Chronic Acid Reflux – How to Work Out if You Have it

For those that suffer from heart burn or the many symptoms of acid reflux, working out whether or not they are suffering from an acute or chronic acid reflux can be a constant worry.

As with most chronic or acute forms of any illness, they are worse with more painful or severe symptoms and may also call for more drastic types of treatment and this is the case with chronic acid reflux as well. The only way that a sufferer can really work out if they have this severe branch of the condition is to be diagnosed by a medical professional so making an appointment to see a doctor is important.

There are a few symptoms that can be matched with this severe condition and although they can also be common with the less severe type of acid reflux, they will be predominantly more obvious with the chronic version. These are:

• Persistent heartburn that is worse than normal and more often also
• Regurgitating acid
• Chest pains
• Swallowing difficulties
• Sore throat or hoarseness when speaking
• The feeling of food being stuck in the throat
• Tightness in the throat and chest region
• Dry mouth
• Bad coughing
• Bad breath

Although most of these symptoms will be associated with the “regular” kind of acid reflux, the chronic acid reflux symptoms will normally happen a lot often and with an increased severity. If you have a feeling that one or more of these symptoms are experiencing in your life, it is time to go and visit a medical professional in order to combat the problem and return to normal life.

From a diagnosis you can go ahead and get the treatment that is needed and make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle in order to not only minimise the pain regarding the symptoms but also to reduce the risks of the symptoms coming back at all.

There are a number of things that can cause chronic acid reflux and also to make the regular type progress further to the more acute version and among the more popular causes you will find things such as:

• Smoking
• Drinking alcohol
• Pregnancy
• Being overweight, even by a few pounds
• Certain foods and drinks including those high in acid and caffeine

The best way to deal with chronic acid reflux is to get the appropriate treatment and to make the appropriate changes but before you can even think of doing this, you must get yourself diagnosed so making an appointment is the first thing that you will need to do.

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