Treatment for Acid Reflux – Avoiding the Pain and Progression

Acid reflux, also known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), can be extremely painful and long lasting. If not treated properly and in a timely manner, it could cause major damage. The condition extensively affects the esophagus.

It occurs when the acid of the stomach builds up in the esophagus disrupting the lining of the organ. Treatment for acid reflux often depends on how severe the damage has evolved; to include life- style changes, medication, or surgery.

Many healthcare providers prescribe medications to treat the disease. Medications have proven successful, yet they have also caused significant side effects.  More so, prescription drugs cause additional medical issues if taken long- term; generally beyond 4-8 weeks.

For instance, the medications can cause the body to produce an extra amount of gastrin. Ironically, the hormonal substance directs your stomach to make more acid. If you are one that is prescribed a variety of medications, there is a tendency for interference.

Specifically, the effects of one drug can amplify or alter the effects of another. Obviously, this can induce serious reactions or even death, in some cases. Yet another problem that long- term prescription drug use can cause is toxic build- up in the body.

Again, short-term use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs can be effective. These drugs are specifically used to help treat the symptoms, not cure the disease.

The most common prescription drugs used as a treatment for acid reflux are Priloces, Prevacid, and Nexium. Over-the-counter drugs such as antacids (Pepcid, Zantec, Tagamet, Rolaids, and Tums) only provide temporary relief of the symptoms. Any of these medications, prescription or otherwise has the potential to lead to Cancer, Hypertension, or even Alzheimer’s if used long- term.

Life-style changes are highly recommended to actually increase your chances of curing acid reflux. Implementing life- style modifications into your daily life will significantly lower the need for medications and the possibility of surgery.

The best advice that anyone could offer is to exercise. Exercise is not only invigorating; it helps you to loose weight. Obesity is one of the main contributors to the development of GERD.

This long time treatment for acid reflux has helped many people to feel better and encouraged them to eat healthier foods. Other life-style suggested changes are to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and laying down immediately following a heavy meal.  

Finally, surgery is not to be viewed as an immediate option. Surgery is only used as a treatment for acid reflux when medicine and life- style changes are not successful. It may inevitably be the rational and alternative solution for those facing a lifetime of drugs and discomfort.

As you know, there are advantages and disadvantages to surgery. First of all, it is very costly and there is no money back guarantee. Yet, the procedure is very convenient as it is proven to treat the source of the problem.  However, just as anything else, it may render complications and risks. Conclusively, treating acid reflux can be as easy as starting the treatment right at home.

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