Don’t Be Stupid about Stomach Acid: answers to Reflux, GERD, Heartburn … or whatever you call it.

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We cured our acid reflux problem, and we want to help yours too. We use critical thinking to find real answers. This means stepping away from the herd mentality. It’s not ok to be a chronic sufferer. It’s not ok to be one of the millions taking pills regularly. Temporary relief is not a cure, it’s a distraction. Real damage is happening in there. You need answers. This book will give you a deeper understanding of acid reflux, and at least 10 remedies. You will be able to make some informed decisions to start healing the damage. You will have answers you can use immediately. If you try everything in this book, at least some of the answers are definitely going to help you. Everything in this book is cheap and easy to do. No gimmicks. Just answers you can use to feel better immediately and start healing forever. Answers are a better value for your body and your wallet. No refills required. You learn once and use forever. Isn’t that a better deal than “12 hour relief”? Spend an hour with us and you will make better decisions about acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, whatever you call it… We don’t suffer with it anymore. Life is easier knowing some answers. Read and you will start feeling better too.

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