Acid Reflux Herbs – an Alternative Medicine

In this time and age when technology is at a rapid pace, it is quite surprising that alternative herbal medicine can outweigh the traditional drug-based medicines. This is true in the cure for acid reflux or heartburn, where various acid reflux herb cures are more popular than the drugs.

Whereas acid reflux herb cures as alternative medicine still need further analysis and the dosage is a mere guessing game. A lot of people prefer them over the traditional drugs. People seem to overlook the fact that drug medications have undergone extensive research. These include various tests and scientific researches to avoid any adverse reactions when consumed by the patient.

Traditional medicines include antacids, H2 inhibitors, bismuth subsalicylate and Proton pump inhibitors as against medicinal herbs for acid reflux. Herbal medicines are as simple as the herbs they contain.

Here are some popular herbs that are proven to cure acid reflux. Though considered as natural or organic, a doctor’s recommendation is still needed before trying any of these acid reflux herb medicines:

1. Ginger- Known to cure acid reflux due to its anti-inflammatory ingredients; you can boil fresh ginger and drink it similar to tea or you can sprinkle ginger powder on your food.

2. Liquorice or licorice- This is a legume found in most parts of Asia and southern Europe. This is used in soft drinks and candies as flavoring due to its sweet aftertaste. Since ancient times, this is also used as an effective expectorant.

3. Black pepper- Helps in the digestion of food hence, best for people suffering from acid reflux.

4. Aloe Vera or Medicinal Aloe- Aloe Vera gel is commercially used as ingredients in beverages, desserts and yogurts. Further medical evaluation is still needed regarding its healing properties for heartburn.  

5. Slippery elm or red elm- Used in North America for centuries as herbal medicine in the treatment of ulcers, skin inflammation, wounds, burns and boils. As a nutritional food, it is similar to oatmeal and can easily be digested by people with intestinal problems or gastritis. However, extensive scientific research is still needed for its medical properties. 

6. Bladder wrack- This is an algae in the form of seaweeds found on the shores of British Isles. Commonly used as ingredients of over-the-counter drugs for heartburn and components in nutritional supplements.

As in any form of medication whether acid reflux herb cure or drug based, medical consultation is still a must. This is due to the fact that limited medical research was spent on it. It is known to happen that expecting too much of herbal medical power results to complications rather good results.

There are acid reflux herbs already in the market and commercially distributed by reputable drug companies. These herbal medications now come in the form of capsule, tablet or drops. Their main purpose is to soothe and relieve the stomach lining as well as to strengthen the whole digestive system. Accordingly, taking this herbal cures does not need to be in daily dosages just to be effective. 

Nevertheless to be really effective, there is also a need to change your eating habits and your diet. Regardless of the type of medication you decide on, your road to recovery also requires discipline. Treatments include rehabilitation, hence acid reflux herb medicines will only succeed if you watch what you eat.

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