PF20 Once Daily Advanced Probiotics |20 Bifidobacteria & Lactobacillus Strains | Survives Stomach Acid for High Potency | No Refrigeration, Shelf Stable |21 Billion CFU |30 Count| MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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Multiple Health Benefits

-Replenishes healthy bacteria to balance overall pH to resist fungal infections and Candida

-Maintains optimal digestive health

-Crowds-out bad bacteria, like those related to Urinary Tract Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis (these are a perfect womens probiotic)

-Promotes healthy immune system response

Made with Patented Technology for a long shelf life with no refrigeration and for deep intestinal delivery of high potency strains

PF20 Advanced Probiotics are made using two game-changing patented technologies: LiveBac® and Bio-tract®. The LiveBac® tableting process ensures a significantly extended shelf life of each caplet, even at room temperature. Bio-tract® technology is a patented coating process which protects the probiotics from stomach acid and provides a controlled release of CFUs into the upper and lower intestines, right where they are needed! With regular capsules, less than 4% of the probiotic CFUs survive stomach acid and reach your GI tract. Bio-tract® ensures that over 60% of the CFUs survive! The combination of these two technologies, LiveBac® and Bio-tract®, means that even at the expiration date, PF20TM provides more live probiotics to your GI tract than a brand new regular capsule claiming 100 Billion CFUs!

*LiveBac® and Bio-tract® are registered trademarks of Nutraceutix.

DEEP INTESTINAL DELIVERY OF 3xMORE CFUs THAN LEADING 100 BILLION CFU CAPSULES. The outer layer of PF20’s caplets is made with patented Bio-tract technology that reacts to moisture when swallowed, creating an acid-resistant barrier. Regular gelatin or vegetable capsules don’t survive stomach acid and less than 4% of their CFUs (Colony Forming Units) make it to the GI tract where they are needed. PF20 CFUs have a survival rate of over 60%

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